December 4, 2016

Find Discontinued Trafficmaster

Find Discontinued Trafficmaster at and  Do you need some Trafficmaster Flooring?I am contacted by 10 – 20 people a day asking me to help them find Trafficmaster.  Many people bought Trafficmaster and before they found out they didn’t have enough of the flooring Home Depot or another retailer discontinued selling it.

Find Discontinued Trafficmaster at

So you have most of a floor installed and you need a box or two of Trafficmaster.  Well I am putting together this site a blog where you can locate the exact type of Trafficmaster or other brand of laminate flooring that you need.

So look around by searching for exactly what you need.  If you have a special request send it to me through the contact page.

I am here to help you find that discontinued box of Trafficmaster that you need to finish your beautiful floor. If you are looking for Trafficmaster Oak, or other types of laminate flooring you can count on FXFlooring and FindTrafficmaster for all your needs.

Post what you need on this post below and check the links above. You can find the discontinued Trafficmaster that you need.

Find Trafficmaster Flooring.


  1. Andrea Santos says:

    I am desperately looking for 3 boxes of Hanover Oak 178849 due to water damage to my nursery. My due date is in 6 weeks and I am heartbroken my baby’s bedroom was destroyed last week due to a broken pipe on my neighbor’s apartment. Please help. Thank you 954-513-7490 Deerfield Beach, FL

  2. I am looking for 1 last box of traffic master Baytown oak laminate flooring. I am only like 3 boards short.

  3. William Swett says:

    I’m looking for 1 box of Trafficmaster Caribbean Sunrise 16×16 tile to replace tile broken up when the concrete floor had to be removed to fix a pipe. Only 4 tiles busted but a case would be good. Thanks!

  4. Looking for trafficmaster glueless laminate wood flooring Sonora maple one bundle

  5. looking for one box of trafficmaster glacier oak sku#195982

  6. Ben Stokes says:

    I need two boxes of TrafficMaster original in Savannah Oak finish. I’d like to remove tile at entry way of my home and wanted to extend the Savannah Oak laminate flooring into this area. I’m told by Home Depot that the Savannah Oak is discontinued. Does anyone know where this flooring might be found or am I out of luck and need to find alternate. Appreciate your help. Thanks.

  7. Hello all,

    I am looking for 2 boxes of trafficmaster estate oak. I recently had water damage and in the middle of the repair process realized I was a few pieces short. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  8. glenn retzer says:

    looking for traffic master avalon oak. help me

  9. Karen Glogowski says:

    I am looking for 15-20 boxes of Trafficmaster Estate Oak Laminate 257063.

  10. Judith Purgason says:

    I need 4 boxes of trafficmaster premium 12 x 12 in vinyl tile Carrara Marble pattern no. 6513 peel and stick, .080 gauge

  11. Donna Broughton says:

    Looking for TrafficMaster 3 strip Honey Oak U548200712. Thank you.

  12. Mary Brown says:

    Need just 2 planks of New Ellenton Hickory #130571
    sold 2 years ago

  13. Im trying to find 3-4 cases of TrafficMASTER Sonora Maple 8mm Thick x 7-11/16 in. Wide x 50-5/8 in. Length Laminate Flooring (302.82 sq. ft. / pallet)
    Please if anyone has any please message me

  14. I’m in need of traffic master rain tree acacia. Anywhere from 2-4 boxes.

  15. Hi, I need two boxes of Traficmaster Cottage Wood pattern number 62332. Thanks, Ed

  16. Terri Starr says:

    Looking for 2 boxes of Brazilian cherry laminate traffic master 7mm to finish floor.

  17. Need 15 boxes of 7mm Brazilian cherry laminate traffic master


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