April 18, 2014

Find Discontinued Trafficmaster

Find Discontinued Trafficmaster at FindTrafficmaster.com and FXFlooring.com.  Do you need some Trafficmaster Flooring?I am contacted by 10 – 20 people a day asking me to help them find Trafficmaster.  Many people bought Trafficmaster and before they found out they didn’t have enough of the flooring Home Depot or another retailer discontinued selling it.

Find Discontinued Trafficmaster at FindTrafficMaster.com

So you have most of a floor installed and you need a box or two of Trafficmaster.  Well I am putting together this site FindTrafficmaster.com a blog where you can locate the exact type of Trafficmaster or other brand of laminate flooring that you need.

So look around by searching for exactly what you need.  If you have a special request send it to me through the contact page.

I am here to help you find that discontinued box of Trafficmaster that you need to finish your beautiful floor. If you are looking for Trafficmaster Oak, or other types of laminate flooring you can count on FXFlooring and FindTrafficmaster for all your needs.

Post what you need on this post below and check the links above. You can find the discontinued Trafficmaster that you need.

Find Trafficmaster Flooring.


  1. I need 3-5 boxes of Brazilian cherry 280-704.

  2. I need 11 boxes of the Hamilton oak

  3. James Hicks says:

    I need 5 boxes of Traffic Master Original Hamilton Oak SKU 147 115
    glueless laminate planks/ carton 22.10 Sq.FL.
    47.05 in. x 7.52 in.x.31 in.

  4. Roland Kay says:

    I am looking for trafficmaster 743-394 patter tm370 sandstone printed groutline please help

  5. We are looking for 2-3 boxes of 12X12 “Verde Stone” vinyl tile by TrafficMaster.
    We are in the Cleveland, Ohio area.

  6. Jason Austin says:

    I’m looking for Hamilton Oak glueless laminate flooring SKU 793-675.

  7. I am looking for 1 box of trafficmaster vinyl peel and stick floor tiles in mojave white number 845562 or TM088. Any ideas? Thanks

  8. I am looking for a 12 boxes of Trafficmaster Hanover Oak laminate flooring.

  9. Jeremy dye says:

    I need 3 boxes of benson oak. I’m in indianapolis. Thanks!

  10. So happy to find this website!
    I am looking for 3-5 boxes of Traffic Master Brazilian Cherry, bought about 5 yrs ago.
    Here are the specs:
    8 mm planks
    HD071 # 00815
    (there is a bar code with more numbers I can provide if you need them)

  11. Hello! I need 4 boxes of Trafficmaster Natural Finish Valley Oak Engineered Wood Flooring. Any chance you have any??

  12. Hi, I need 3 boxes of the trafficmaster estate oak. 7mm. Willing to pay shipping. Thanks

  13. I am looking for trafficmaster 743-394 patter tm370 sandstone printed groutline just need one box!

  14. I need two boxes of trafficmaster glentown oak 258 683 (9006936494952). I live in Glendale, Arizona but want to use the flooring in Overgaard, Arizona. Any one have any?

  15. Beat Kramer says:

    Looking for some boxes of Trafficmaster Benson Oak 367361-00182, can anyone help?

  16. I am looking for sandstone printed groutline 743-394; run no. 30.01.4007; one box or 10 tiles. Help???

  17. Ross or Roland did you find your boxes?

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