November 23, 2014

Find Discontinued Trafficmaster

Find Discontinued Trafficmaster at and  Do you need some Trafficmaster Flooring?I am contacted by 10 – 20 people a day asking me to help them find Trafficmaster.  Many people bought Trafficmaster and before they found out they didn’t have enough of the flooring Home Depot or another retailer discontinued selling it.

Find Discontinued Trafficmaster at

So you have most of a floor installed and you need a box or two of Trafficmaster.  Well I am putting together this site a blog where you can locate the exact type of Trafficmaster or other brand of laminate flooring that you need.

So look around by searching for exactly what you need.  If you have a special request send it to me through the contact page.

I am here to help you find that discontinued box of Trafficmaster that you need to finish your beautiful floor. If you are looking for Trafficmaster Oak, or other types of laminate flooring you can count on FXFlooring and FindTrafficmaster for all your needs.

Post what you need on this post below and check the links above. You can find the discontinued Trafficmaster that you need.

Find Trafficmaster Flooring.


  1. I need 1 box of toast oak natural 704
    623-755-3067 thxs

  2. E. White says:

    I am in need of Benson Oak in the Rochester/Buffalo NY area. Need 5 – 10+ boxes.

  3. Debbie Kerr says:

    I need at least 1 box of Avalon Oak. It’s a Traffic Master Laminate from about 9-10 years ago…. If you could find us at least 1, I think we’d be fine. Thanks.
    Debbie Kerr

  4. Christy Voboril says:

    Need 1 box of Traffic Master Cottage Wood Pattern #62332 #309-958

  5. Looking for one or two pieces (minimum) of Trafficmaster Tuscan Cherry Glueless Laminate – SKU 130-642. Thanks!

  6. Silvia M. says:

    Looking for 1 box of Traffic Master original ‘hamilton Oak’ 47.05′x7.52′x31″ Glueless Laminate System. Thanks!

  7. I’m looking for 2 boxes of 12×12 traffic master harbour view tiles

  8. Dabney Eiland says:

    I desperately need one box of 18×18 Trafficmaster Harbour View tile

  9. Michelle says:

    Looking for Trafficmaster Tuscan Cherry Glueless Laminate

  10. Sarah Anderson says:

    Looking for about 3 or 4 boxes of traffic master Hanover oak.

  11. looking for any boxes of hanover oak trafficmaster that we can find, if possible will need about 4 boxes. 715 451 0815 thanks!

  12. C. Lewis says:

    I need to know if trafficmaster Hamilton oak still exists out there. I need from 3 to 10 boxes. Thanks

  13. I need a lot more of Benson Oak Laminate flooring….Traffic master. was disc’t at Home Depot! Help please

  14. Danyelle says:

    I am looking for copper mountain oak 418-245 I need about 3 more boxes of this!! Thanks

  15. I am in need of 1 box of trafficmaster glentown oak to finish the flooin in my sons room

  16. I am selling 14 boxes of the Brazilian Cherry Trafficmaster Glueless hardwood flooring. Call if interested 972 815-7747

  17. I am selling 14 boxes of the Brazilian cherry glueless hardwood flooring. Call me at 972-815-7747 if interested

  18. Need estate cherry laminate 857163 2 boxes

  19. corrected e mail

  20. William Thorpe says:

    I need a box of Traffic Master Original in the Verde Stone Pattern. Help!

  21. Jaime Gomez says:

    I need several boxes of verde stone by trafficmaster

  22. Looking for hanover oak trafficmaster 8mm that we can find, if possible will need about 4 boxes. 224-856-7073. Thanks

  23. Need one or two boxes of Trafficmaster Valley Oak

  24. Looking for one box of Sahara white oak prefinished flooring. 1/2 box would do as well. Need to finish stairs and want to stay with the same product. Sarnia area 519-899-4307

  25. Scott Vander Weitq says:

    I am looking for Traffic Master – Hanover Oak – #07800. (847) 521-0933

  26. Looking for traffic master cottage wood vinyl tile #309-958, pattern #62332. Half a box or less.

  27. Looking for 1-2 boxes of Traffic Master Glentown Oak laminate flooring.

  28. Ann Prehn says:

    Thank you for this site. I need 3 boxes of .080″ 12 mil Verde Stone, pattern TM379.

  29. Jan Stetzer says:

    Searching for 1-2 boxes of Traffic Master Hanover Oak laminate flooring

  30. ISO trafficMaster flooring in Estate Cherry, discontinued at Home Depot. We need about 17 boxes, any help greatly appreciated!

  31. I need 3 Boxes of Traffic Master Original Engineered Natural Finish Valley Oak 578-350

  32. Laura Bowman says:

    Really in need of several boxes (can get more accurate numbers) of Traffic Master Glueless Hardwood in African Chestnut, 14mm I believe. If anyone has any, would be so happy!!

  33. I have 2 boxes (60 Tiles) of TrafficMaster Cottge Wood. Home Depot #309-958
    12×12 – Pattern # 62332

  34. Looking for traffic master dark red oak. Does anyone have any or know where I can purchase?

  35. I need 1-2 boxes traffic master laminate in cherry verbano. 480-332-0328 thanks!

  36. Looking for 1 box of Traffic Master Mojave White (845-562) 12×12 laminate tile pattern# TM088. Does anyone have any or know of where I can purchase a box? 601-201-2615

  37. Looking for 4 boxes of Traffic Master Hardwood Parquet Flooring (40 Sq ft)Beech – natural color, Item #77336

    310 547 7390 Thanks!

  38. I have about 2 boxes of benson oak laminate flirting without the box and few half piece text me if interested 201 289 2110

  39. I need 100 sf of traffic master medium red oak laminate.

  40. janet degrstto says:

    2 boxes traffic master haliton oak 27.01sg ft 47.05 x7.52inx31 sku 793655

  41. I need 3 boxes of Verde Stone sku#356-148
    805-528-7725 help!

  42. Robbie Mohn says:

    We are looking for 4 boxes of Trafficmaster Hamilton oak laminate flooring. upc # 6930687700334 home depot sku was 793 675. Please let us know if that is around anywhere.

  43. I need 2 boxes of Traffic Master Benson Oak! Help

  44. in need of 2 boxes Traffic Master Benson Oak! Help

  45. I need one box of Benson Oak. Thanks

  46. Traffic master Hamilton oak laminate please.

  47. Aaron mills says:

    I am lookin for 4 boxes of sonora maple traffic master flooring

  48. Hi, I need laminate estate oaks 7 mm x wide 7″ 5/8 x Lenght 47″ 7/8 carton 25.41. I need 7 cartons.

  49. Hi, I am in need of 2 boxes of Trafficmaster Sandstone-printed frontline TM370.

  50. Need one box Chatham Oak Part # 895741

  51. Need 6 boxes of trafficmaster Item Number: 77336

  52. Need 6 boxes of trafficmaster Item Number: 77336
    Species A. Beech
    Pattern Shortblock
    Finish Natural

  53. Toni Picone says:

    Looking for a few boxes of estate oak laminate flooring that has been discontinued. 05HDC10065. Thanks

  54. paul chaffe says:

    i need about 400 sq ft of estate oak 7mm laminate #257063

    thanks 850-393-0707

  55. Chrystal c says:

    In search for one or two boxes of Brasilia glue less laminate flooring 608-514-2242 thank you!

  56. Teresa Harper says:

    Need 1 box of Traffic Master Estate Oak laminate flooring.

  57. hi. I am looking for 2 boxes of Chatham Oak #895741. thanks

  58. Larry alsup says:

    Hi, I’m looking for 2 boxes of Traffic Master Glentown Oak Laminate flooring sku# is 258 683 thank you and God bless.

  59. I need 1 box of TrafficMaster Sandstone Item# 743-394 Pattern # TM370

  60. In need of 2-4 boxes of glentown oak glueless laminate flooring thanks

  61. Alina Johnson says:

    I need 2 boxes of traffic master baytown oak HL 704.Please call or text me 702-336-0594

  62. Ambre Richards says:

    I need three boxes of 664646305143 Baytown Oak 7mm Thick x 7-11/16 in. Wide x 50-5/8 in. Length Laminate Flooring (24.33 sq. ft./case)

  63. kathleen Gregory says:

    I am looking for
    Pergo trafficmaster Estate Cherry from Home Depot.
    Thank you in advance.

  64. Need 1 box trafficmaster western hemlock if it’s out there.

  65. Alina Johnson says:

    For sale Baytown oak HL 704. Call 702-336-0594

  66. looking for 1 box trafficmaster sandstone, part number 743-394 pattern TM370

  67. Looking for 2-3 boxes of Traffic Master Cherry Verbano


  68. Looking for 3 boxes of Traffic Master Glentown Oak flooring

  69. Frank Scaff says:

    I need 2 boxes traffic master Brazilian Cherry Hardwood Flooring,

  70. I am looking for Trafficmaster Natural Eucalyptus

  71. I am looking for 3 boxes of Baytown Oak.

  72. c mcdonald says:

    I am looking for two boxes of estate oak

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