May 30, 2016

Find Discontinued Trafficmaster

Find Discontinued Trafficmaster at and  Do you need some Trafficmaster Flooring?I am contacted by 10 – 20 people a day asking me to help them find Trafficmaster.  Many people bought Trafficmaster and before they found out they didn’t have enough of the flooring Home Depot or another retailer discontinued selling it.

Find Discontinued Trafficmaster at

So you have most of a floor installed and you need a box or two of Trafficmaster.  Well I am putting together this site a blog where you can locate the exact type of Trafficmaster or other brand of laminate flooring that you need.

So look around by searching for exactly what you need.  If you have a special request send it to me through the contact page.

I am here to help you find that discontinued box of Trafficmaster that you need to finish your beautiful floor. If you are looking for Trafficmaster Oak, or other types of laminate flooring you can count on FXFlooring and FindTrafficmaster for all your needs.

Post what you need on this post below and check the links above. You can find the discontinued Trafficmaster that you need.

Find Trafficmaster Flooring.


  1. James Alwes says:

    Looking for 1 box of traffic master medium oak finish glueless Laminate flooring

  2. Clay Cooper says:

    Looking for Traffic Master ” Avalon Oak ” glueless flooring “, 2-3 boxes

  3. water damage need 5/6 boxes of trafficmaster baytown oak help!

  4. I am looking for 2 boxes of Traffic Master Raintree Acacia 12mm glueless laminate flooring .

    4 31/32 50 25/32 sku-814-205 model # FB1721CWR375O001. please email me if you have this

  5. Lester nash says:

    I need approx 2 boxes of Baytown Oak to repair a water damaged area. 661-944-9719

  6. Need a couple of boxes of valley oak trafficmaster let me know what’s out there please!!,,thanks

  7. Mark Stroeve says:

    I need 3 boxes Traffic Master Honey Oak
    7.86″ x 47.56

    Sku: 00820700203

    Email me if you can find 3 boxes. baby due soon

  8. BillMercer says:

    I need 5 boxes of Trafficmaster Images
    Wear Layer: 4 mil
    Pattern: COTTAGE WOOD
    Pattern No.:62332


  9. NANCY ROLAND says:


  10. I need one 30 inch length of Traffic Master Hanover Oak T-Trim. Thanks…..

  11. I need 6 to boxes of trafficking master parquet flooring

  12. I’m looking for a box or two of Trafficmaster Cherry Verbano, tho any amount less than a box would be helpful.

  13. Looking for one or two boxes of Brazilian Cherry (280-704). We are in FL. Please contact if you know of any! We need to replace some water damaged areas.

  14. Looking for 90 square feet of traffic master cottage wood.

  15. I need approx. 220 sq. ft. Of Avalon Oak, sku 610-300

  16. I am looking for 2 boxes of traffic masters Sanora maple.

  17. I need 1 box of Baytown oak anywhere I can find this would be a great help!

  18. I need some boxes of traffic master toast oak natural 704.
    I’m located in dallas tx area.


  19. nichole snowden says:

    Need one box of cottage wood by traffic master sku 088969553324 model # 62332

  20. Looking for several boxes of Hanover Oak Traffic Master, 8mm, due to water damage. I’m located in southeast Arizona. Thanks.

  21. Wanda Hertz says:

    I am in need of at least 4 boxes of Trafficmaster, Ceramica, in Shasta. Have two half finished rooms. Was buying a box at a time, financial crunch! Stopped just before Christmas, went to Home Depot tonight and none on the shelf, no location for it and I can’t possibly start over. Thanks.

  22. I am looking for several boxes of Trafficmaster Cherry Verbano SKU 737164 glue-less laminate System flooring from Home Depot. I need to do two bedrooms to match the rest of the house that was done in 2006. Thanks!

  23. Jacob Berge says:

    Looking for a box or more of Trafficmaster SHASTA 53112

  24. Michael Giambusso says:

    I am searching for Traffic Master TM379 356-148 Verde Stone, 3 boxes minimum 4 boxes desired. Peel and Stick vinyl tile.

  25. Stephanie Varner says:

    I need one box of benson oak PLEASE

  26. I need 2 boxes of Trafficmaster MRO002 Medium Red Oak flooring. I’m in Virginia.

  27. I am looking for two boxes of traffic master Hanover oak. Will take whatever is available.

  28. Irene Royalr says:

    I am looking for three boxes of traffic master Brasilia laminate flooring. SKU 694532. I am in St Maries, ID

  29. Denise Perez says:

    Looking for shasta traffic master ceramica floor tiles

  30. Stu Fisher says:

    I am looking for Traffic Master TM379 Verde Stone, 9 tiles (12×12) minimum 12 tiles maximum desired. Peel and Stick vinyl tile.

  31. Genell Goodman says:

    I am in desperate need of 3 boxes of Trafficmaster Exodus vinyl groutable tile. I really need to finish my kitchen and I cant find this at anymore home depots. Please, I can not afford to start all over.

  32. linda miller says:

    I need as many boxes of Trafficmaster Deluxe self stick vinyl tile as I can find in Redwood (parquet) pattern number 62331 to continue phase two of my entryway and large hall. Suddenly I find that it is no longer available through Home Depot. They have something similar but it is cheap looking and too thin. It also does not match what I have. HELP!

  33. I am looking for 7 boxes of Alameda Hickory Glueless Laminate Flooring. 24.52 square feet per box. 9 pieces per box. 50.63 inches x 7.75 inches x .28 inches. 7 mm Thickness. Thank you

  34. I need 1 or more boxes of traffic master Hanover oak
    In Annapolis, Md. (443) 254-0468

  35. Eugene Emmons says:

    I am looking for about 400 sf of trafficmaster estate cherry laminate flooring

  36. i am looking for 2 boxes of trafficmaster Baytown Oak laminate flooring

    thank you

  37. I need 5 boxes of TrafficMaster Hanover Oak #07800

    Thank you

  38. I need 2-3 boxes of Trafficmaster Sarasota Oak glueless laminate flooring. They are approximately 7 1/2 inches wide by 50 3/4″ long. Thank you.

  39. I am searching for 10 tiles (will buy one box if needed) of Traffic Master Ceramica Mamouth 12 x 12 tiles. I appreciate any help you may provide.

  40. I have 13 planks of Traffic Master Pioneer Western Hemlock, each measuring 7.86″ x 47.56″ x 5/16″.

    I also have 10 planks of Traffic Master Renaissance Noche Stone, each measuring 11.89″ x 47.56″ xx 5/16″.

    They are your for whatever you think they are worth, plush shipping.

    Thanks and good luck!

  41. Jeannette says:

    Looking for 2 boxes of Trafficmaster Images Regal Wood, Light Oak Parquet, Self-Stick 12″x12″ Vinyl Floor Tiles.

  42. I am looking for a five or six pieces of traffic master Austin Oak. Please & thank you!

  43. Hi, I am looking for a few boxes of traffic master 356-148 (TM-379) Verde Stone tiles. Please email if you know where I can find some.


  44. Alonzo Barnes says:

    Im looking for 3 boxes of Walton Noce will pay please email or call 7573764694 thanks in advance.

  45. Hi looking for regal wood if anyone can help

  46. Need Tmold to match Trafficmaster Original Dark Red Oak DRO005. Any help will be appreciated.

  47. Claudine Quinn says:

    I NEED one box of Traffic Master images
    Hudson bay opal pattern number 62304
    12x12in . Can you find this for me. Need to finish floor.

  48. Elvera Feaster says:

    I need 3 boxes of redwood vinyl tiles, model #62331. I went to Home Depot and I searched online, cannot find anywhere.

  49. Barbara says:

    I am looking for 2-3 boxes of Trafficmaster, Pioneer, Western Hemlock laminate, but will take anything. Located in Northwest New Jersey

  50. I have 14 cases of traffic master original flooring item 77336 special beech pattern shortblock
    Finish is natural. Size is 12×12 x 0.3125″ area coverage 10sqft forsale!! New!

  51. Jennifer says:

    DESPERATE for a box of Trafficmaster Regal Wood laminate peel and stick tiles. UPC code 088969560148.

  52. Adam Mann says:

    In need of two boxes of Sonora maple traffic master laminate. Any help is greatly appreciated.

  53. I am looking for the Trafficmaster premium Carrara Marble peel and stick tiles #6513.

  54. I have three full boxes (25 sq ft/box) plus 6 planks of Estate Oak laminate #257063 Pickup near Wisconsin- IL border or will deliver to Milwaukee, Chicago, Madison for gas money send txt 773-946-six-eight-four-six with word “trafficmaster”

  55. Brian Thompson says:

    Need 1 -2 box of TrafficMaster Estate Cherry laminate floor.


  56. Brian McGinley says:

    I need a few boxes of Trafficmaster Hanover Oak

  57. Jay Harris says:

    Guys I’m looking for 3 boxes of 18×18 Manor Wheat Tiles.

    Thank you

    Jay in Okla City

  58. Lynn sung says:


    Looking for trafficMaster – Limed Oak laminate flooring , It’s been 3 yrs ago , can’t find it , please help , I need 950 sq. ft . Thx

  59. Randy Kinnibrugh says:

    Looking for 1 box trafficmaster red oak natural 700: 10.5 mm thick

  60. Gary Lipsey says:

    Looking for 6-7 boxes of trafficmaster Honey Oak. Please email if you can help. Thx.

  61. Does anyone sell the Hudson Bay Opal pattern anymore?

  62. Hi, I have 3 to 4 boxes of Avalon Oak 25 year Trafficmaster and 2 to 3 boxes of Savanah Oak. I live in Simi Valley, California let me know if you need them.

  63. Danny Stevens says:

    Looking for 2 box trafficmaster red oak natural 700: 10.5 mm thick

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