July 29, 2014

Find Discontinued Trafficmaster

Find Discontinued Trafficmaster at FindTrafficmaster.com and FXFlooring.com.  Do you need some Trafficmaster Flooring?I am contacted by 10 – 20 people a day asking me to help them find Trafficmaster.  Many people bought Trafficmaster and before they found out they didn’t have enough of the flooring Home Depot or another retailer discontinued selling it.

Find Discontinued Trafficmaster at FindTrafficMaster.com

So you have most of a floor installed and you need a box or two of Trafficmaster.  Well I am putting together this site FindTrafficmaster.com a blog where you can locate the exact type of Trafficmaster or other brand of laminate flooring that you need.

So look around by searching for exactly what you need.  If you have a special request send it to me through the contact page.

I am here to help you find that discontinued box of Trafficmaster that you need to finish your beautiful floor. If you are looking for Trafficmaster Oak, or other types of laminate flooring you can count on FXFlooring and FindTrafficmaster for all your needs.

Post what you need on this post below and check the links above. You can find the discontinued Trafficmaster that you need.

Find Trafficmaster Flooring.


  1. I need 1 box of toast oak natural 704
    623-755-3067 thxs

  2. E. White says:

    I am in need of Benson Oak in the Rochester/Buffalo NY area. Need 5 – 10+ boxes.

  3. Debbie Kerr says:

    I need at least 1 box of Avalon Oak. It’s a Traffic Master Laminate from about 9-10 years ago…. If you could find us at least 1, I think we’d be fine. Thanks.
    Debbie Kerr

  4. Christy Voboril says:

    Need 1 box of Traffic Master Cottage Wood Pattern #62332 #309-958

  5. Looking for one or two pieces (minimum) of Trafficmaster Tuscan Cherry Glueless Laminate – SKU 130-642. Thanks!

  6. Silvia M. says:

    Looking for 1 box of Traffic Master original ‘hamilton Oak’ 47.05′x7.52′x31″ Glueless Laminate System. Thanks!

  7. I’m looking for 2 boxes of 12×12 traffic master harbour view tiles

  8. Dabney Eiland says:

    I desperately need one box of 18×18 Trafficmaster Harbour View tile

  9. Michelle says:

    Looking for Trafficmaster Tuscan Cherry Glueless Laminate

  10. Sarah Anderson says:

    Looking for about 3 or 4 boxes of traffic master Hanover oak.

  11. looking for any boxes of hanover oak trafficmaster that we can find, if possible will need about 4 boxes. 715 451 0815 thanks!

  12. C. Lewis says:

    I need to know if trafficmaster Hamilton oak still exists out there. I need from 3 to 10 boxes. Thanks

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